Thaddius Forde

Head Leader Guy (HLG) of the mining camp owned by GlamRockers inc.


Thaddius Forde has the difficult position of heading up the mine camp’s day-to-day building and activity but also reporting to his company’s management on the progress of mining operations.

He has been a director of many other smaller mine-sites, but nothing of this scale and importance before. His bosses are worried about other companies getting [[glitterrock]] to market first so they are constantly badgering Thaddius about the status of the mining operations. They are less concerned about the safety of the camp or the health of their workers and more about the potential profit they will acquire.

Thaddius is a medium-set human male with stark black hair and a ragged beard, age 43. He was an adventurer in his early 20s but gave up that life for the relative security of a regular job, paycheck, and monsters not trying to skin him alive.

Thaddius Forde

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